For many years, the University of Applied Sciences HWR in Berlin has been offering students the opportunity to take part in a dual degree program in civil engineering, in addition to studying at a company. From the summer semester 2019, which starts now, the University of Applied Sciences Wolfram Behr, one of the managing partners of the BEHR ENGINEERING, has won a guest lecturer.

The seminar on constructive engineering led by Wolfram Behr deals with reinforced concrete construction. After working as a civil engineer for thirty years and now as a co-owner of an engineering office for twenty-five years, he is very pleased to pass on his knowledge and experience to the next generation and thus make a contribution to your education.

The new activity in Berlin complements the large number of projects in Berlin. BEHR INGENIEURE itself is a practice partner of the Berufsakademie Sachsen for the civil engineering degree program. "Participation in the field of study is an interesting challenge. From the necessary intensive preoccupation with the theoretical foundations and the didactics of teaching them to the students, we also hope for positive impulses for our in-company training of the students. "Said Behr.